Working It Out in Style

January 21, 2016

I find that when it comes to working out, I find that dressing the part really helps me to stay motivated and get excited about gym time. Don't be fooled-physical fitness doesn't have to equate to beat up sneakers and a baggy sweatshirt. Incorporating your everyday style into your athletic attire is an easy task that will have you mistaking the gym for a page out of Harper's Bazaar....maybe. Here are my must-have essentials to stay physically fit and fashionably fabulous!

The Sneaks: These bad boys by Adidas by Stella McCartney will have you trading in your peep toes and stilettos for sneakers even on your off days! From the streets to the treadmill, these babies are too good to pass up!

The Habitually Chic Hydration Source: Don't forget that style extends far beyond the clothes on your back. How we accessorize is equally as important! In the gym, that accessorizing comes in the form of our tools. This water bottle by S'Well is champagne gold and will have you feeling like an oscar nominee every time you reach for a drink.

The Carry-All That's Easy To Clean:  If you're like me and you squeeze your gym time in between college classes, than an easy-to clean, easy-on-the-eyes backpack is a gym essential! Opt for one that is nylon, which is almost impossible to ruin with sweat and grime at the gym. It will keep your belongings safe and still add to your athletic appeal!

The Patterned Player: Everyone knows that black clothing is your best bet for a slimming effect, but don't forget to incorporate some fun pattern into your gym get-ups. A bright pattern will keep your spirits lively and will add the perfect touch of pizzazz to your workout regimen.

The Babe-Worthy Bra: A good sports bra is absolutely essential, but don't sacrifice style for support. Opt for a garment that will keep the girls in great condition but will also add to your sporty style. 

The Fuss-Free Finishing Touches: Last but certainly not least are these wireless earbuds by Beats. A good workout isn't complete without an upbeat playlist, but pesky headphone wires are a sure fire way to interrupt your jams and your motivation. Don't let your tunes get in the way of your workout, play that playlist loud and clear through these chic, wireless headphones. I bet that gym session is sounding even better now!

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