3 Apps To Help Get You Healthy

January 10, 2016

In honor of the new year, I've been making (small but mighty) steps to become a little more health-conscious. Nothing crazy here, folks. You won't find me on a fad diet or cutting out things like dairy and gluten-I mean what would I eat?! But I am making an attempt to be more aware of what I put in my body, how much I'm consuming and how much activity I'm getting throughout the day. To aid me in this transition, I've been utilizing a few apps that sincerely have helped jumpstart my motivation and keep me on track!

My Fitness Pal - The app that takes all the work out of "dieting"

The first app that has proven to be INCREDIBLY helpful is the My Fitness Pal app by Under Armour. The app begins by calculating your daily caloric limit based on your age, weight, height, daily energy expenditure and so on. From here, you can log your meals and see the nutrient and calorie breakdown of everything you're eating. You can also input your exercise for the day, which will adjust your daily calorie allotment. Finally, you can upload progress photos of your weight loss journey, read articles on nutrition and fitness and connect with others who are using the app as well!

Sworkit - The gym membership for the digital world

When I say that this app actually makes me WANT to exercise, that alone is a huge deal. Sworkit is your customized gym experience contained in your tech device. Choose what kind of workout you want to complete (cardio, strength, yoga, etc.), choose which area(s) of the body you want to target during your workout and set the time limit for your workout. Then, let the app do the rest! Sworkit provides follow-along exercises that are incredibly easy to replicate, and are super effective! Plus, you can create your own, customized workout by choosing from the exercises on the app! I definitely have been more active recently thanks to this guy!

Headspace - the lifestyle change for your mind

The final app that has been a major player in my health-revolution is Headspace. Regardless of your diet and fitness goals, your body is not truly healthy if your mind isn't in the right place. Headspace is an app that provides tons of different meditations to help you stay clear, calm and focused in your day-to-day life. Let's face it-stress, sadness and anxiety are demons that can be quick to bog us down and can interfere with our personal and mental health. Meditation, even if only for 2 minutes, is a great way to recenter yourself and relax, thus reminding yourself that the world is so much bigger than a temporary problem.

The best part about these apps? They are all free! That way, you don't have to pay to jumpstart your healthy new year. Let me know what helps you stay motivated and on track!

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