Watch the Clock: My Current Picks

January 28, 2016

A fun fact you may not know about me is that I am an avid watch fan! Maybe it stems from my years working in a watch retailer, but there's something about a classic timepiece that I find captivating. I actually have quite the collection (21 watches to be exact), but I'm always looking to add to my stash with the latest and greatest styles. Here are three watches that are catching my eye this season.

One: The Masculine Masterpiece
I love a manly feeling watch. I would venture to say that the majority of the watches I own are oversized, menswear-inspired timepieces. This Lexington watch by Michael Kors features an all metal, 5-link band and a traditional gold plating: 2 things I love in a watch. Further, the navy face with the bright red second hand really compliment the overall masculine feel of the watch. 

Two: Wearable Art
Ok, can we talk seriously for a moment? How stunning is this watch? It is practically a beautiful piece of artwork that sits on your wrist and will also tell you the time. This gorgeous marble & rose gold masterpiece is a collaboration between watch connoisseur Fossil and fashion power house Opening Ceremony. Together, the two companies came together to create a watch that is equally functional and beautiful, and so incredibly unique.

Three: Big Face & A Barely-There Band
My final watch pick is a little surprising because I normally opt for a metal band vs. a traditional leather band on my watch. However, I absolutely love this mushroom-rose gold combo watch from Marc Jacobs. Not only is the color palette stunning, The combination of the oversized face with the dainty, skinny wrap band is a beautiful contrast that works really well together. I own a watch currently that features this oversized face & skinny band combo and I absolutely love it. (You can check that style out here). Even though I'm usually a tried and true metal band wearer, I'd definitely make room in my wardrobe for this leather luxury.

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