Food for Thought: 3 Recipes I'm Dying to Try

July 07, 2015

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am 100% the definition of a foodie. There are few things in the world that get me as or more excited than a delicious recipe. This summer, as mentioned in my "summer activities" post, one of my goals is to hone in on and improve my skills in the kitchen. What good is being a die-hard foodie if you aren't that great at preparing the delicacies yourself?! I've taken to my favorite board on pinterest and found the first three recipes I'm dying to try out! Here we go...

1. These greek quesadillas by scrummy lane combine two of my favorite types of food: Hispanic food & Mediterranean food. I was so intrigued by this recipe and thought it would make the perfect summer meal. Best of all, the ingredients are all simple staples that are either sitting in my pantry or are easy to scout out at my local grocery store. No hassle here!

2. I am a seafood lover, and there's something about summer that amplifies my desire for a fresh cut of fish. These crab cakes with red pepper sauce by i breathe I'm hungry are not only low carb, but high impact! Served with a fresh salad or crispy crostini bread (let's be honest-it'll be the bread not the salad), these crab cakes are an ideal summer meal! 

3. Finally, what is a meal without a delicious chocolatey dessert?! I'll tell you what-failure. The moment I stumbled across this recipe for ooey gooey chocolate chip oatmeal cookies from one of my favorite bloggers, half baked harvest, I knew I had found my next bakery item to try. Just look at the picture-no explanation needed!

Ok, now that I'm completely hungry and drooling down my chin, I will conclude this bad boy. Any recipe suggestions for your resident foodie!? I'd love to know what you're loving!

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