5 Activities to Activate Your Summer

May 12, 2015

I don't know about you, but I am guilty of setting my expectations for summer super high, only to be let down and defeated by the lackluster reality. As wonderful as summer is, it can be a bit boring if you haven't planned ahead, finding ways to spend your endless amount of free time. Here are my five ways to jump start summer on the right foot (and to get my lazy butt out of bed!).

1. Exercise: I know, I know. It's the dreaded, almost cliché, pastime that has everyone rolling their eyes-but hear me out! No matter how you choose to work out (i.e. joining a gym, walking around the block, blasting some beyoncé and having a dance off), any amount of exercise is a blessing for you and your body. It will activate those endorphins and leave you feeling ready to take on the rest of the day!

2. Get Creative in the Kitchen: Summer is a food-lover's paradise. With an endless supply of fresh produce and meats and fish at their all time best, now is the time to funnel your creative spirits in the kitchen. Try changing up your everyday routine with a new morning menu or an off the cuff dinner idea. Not into cooking? Go out of your comfort zone and try your hand at a simple recipe.

3. Book It: It is so easy for me to spend my downtime on my computer, browsing the new releases of Netflix, however I realize this is brainless time wasted away. Summer is normally a period of academic slow down, but don't let that brain power go by the way side. Pick up a book you've always wanted to read (we all have them) and set your sights on getting lost in the pages and not on the internet. 

4. Explore a Hobby: As each year passes, it becomes increasingly easier to say "I wish I knew how to do..." instead of "Look what I've learned!". Excuses no more! Summer is your time to explore a hobby you've always been curious about. For me, it's cooking and photography, what about you?

5. Be the Friend that Calls: In an age of social media craze, we are so interconnected, yet so disconnected with those around us. It's easy to want to wait around for someone to extend the olive branch first, but with that mentality, we will all be waiting on everyone else. Call up a friend, relative or mentor and plan a get together. It will make your day AND theirs!

What are your plans for jump starting your summer?

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