how you contribute to your acne without even knowing it

July 19, 2015

Like most, I've had my skin ups and downs. There have been times when I've been really proud of my skin! However there have also been plenty of times when my skin has been my biggest insecurity. I have pretty sensitive skin that is easily irritated by new products, a change in my environment and hormones. Last time I went to the dermatologist (about 4 months ago), my doctor explained to me a few ways people commonly contribute to their acne and skin irritations without realizing it. I had to share with you all because I find this information incredibly valuable, especially for anyone who can be a little let down by their skin.


•   touching your face, resting your chin in your hands-this one, I'm totally guilty of. I always catch myself cupping my chin with my hand when I'm thinking. Not hard to believe that my chin is my most breakout-prone area!
•   not drinking enough water-dehydrated skin means that your dermis is going to produce excess oil to combat the dryness. Drink up to prevent new friends on your face!
•   not washing your pillow case-our pillow cases harbor tons of bacteria and sweat from sleeping every night. Make sure to give your pillows and sheets a good wash once a week to prevent bacteria from spreading.
•   stressing about every little thing-I know, I know: stress is inevitable, but controlling your reaction to stress and how you handle stressful situations plays a HUGE role in the hormone production of our bodies. More stress = more hormonal acne.
•   wearing makeup to the gym-makeup clogs pores and when we sweat, we need open pores to release our perspirations. When our pores are already clogged, sweat locks in more bacteria within our skin. Helpful hint: take a makeup wipe with you whenever you visit the gym!
•   not cleaning your phone screen-similarly to our pillow cases, our phone screens have constant contact with our skin and hardly ever get a good wipe down! Take the extra 30 seconds each day and clean off those devices that we all have grown to love.
•   using TOO many skin care products-when we overcomplicate our regimines, our skin gets confused. Keep it simple with a gentle cleanser, basic toner and good moisturizer. That's all the skin needs and it will thank you for pairing down the products!

I know I am guilty of violating most (if not all) of these suggestions. Do you recognize yourself in any of these behaviors?

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