Where Have I Been?

July 15, 2015

I feel almost embarrassed to have been absent from my blog for so long, however I think anyone who has a presence online can understand the feeling of burnout. When I began my blog, I decided that it would be my own personal escape to discuss any little happening in my life that brought me joy. By no means is my blog a "must-read" of the internet or a popular traffic source, however as my audience began to grow, I felt more pressure to deliver. Pressure can be a good thing, as it promotes work ethic and quality, but it can also force you to produce content that doesn't feel quite as original. As soon as blogging felt like a chore, I knew I needed to step away. I'm hoping my brief break from blogging was the recharge I needed to get back to my roots and blog about what truly brings me happiness. Thank you for sticking with me, here's to a better blog ahead!

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