From To-Do to Done: My Perfect Planner

November 11, 2015

I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to organization. I guess you could say my type-A personality tends to dictate everything I do. This summer, I was on the hunt for the perfect planner: one that was functional, fun and one I would ACTUALLY use. You see, in the past, I've had an unfortunate habit of buying planners, only to quit using them about 2 weeks in. For some reason, I no planner had ever really met my needs for function and style. That all changed, though, when I got my hands on my planner...

I love the graphic nature of this planner; each page is clean, easy to read, yet features pops of bright color and adorable illustrations. For those of you who enjoy typography and graphic design, these agendas would be right up your ally! The planners feature an overview of the month (as pictured above) and then weekly overviews that provide ample space for writing in all of your events and to-dos. Best of all, offers a package deal where you can purchase their large agenda, and they throw in their 120 sticker book for free. Guys-normally I would say stickers in planners are overrated, but these stickers are TO DIE FOR. They are designed by the same graphic designers who create the agendas and trust me when I say, you need them! Overall, I could not be happier with my planner and I know it has helped in making my life a little less chaotic!

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