Planning on getting organized

June 21, 2016

I was never much of a planner girl. In the past, I'd pick up a planner at the store, use it for maybe 2 weeks and then chuck it in a drawer at home to eventually collect dust. However, last August, I purchased my first planner and nearly one year later, I still use that sucker every single day! It's the perfect mix of fun and function without feeling too juvenile. The page layouts suit my large handwriting and the fun and artistic graphics have me flipping through the pages just because!

As we near a new school year, I decided to pick up a new agenda. just released their new agendas for the 2017 year (they begin August of 2016) and I didn't want to risk waiting and having my agenda sell out! I picked up this gorgeous floral bad boy with an accompanying dual sticker pack (because, duh, i needed that). Safe to say I will be heading into my senior year of college feeling incredibly organized and pretty damn cool!

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