The 5 iPhone Apps You Need

June 08, 2015

As much as some of us might hate to admit it, we live in a society that is pretty dependent on our mobile devices. (*cringes in self disgust*) Nowadays, there are thousands of apps on the market that claim to do this and promise to do that, and quite frankly-it can be super overwhelming. I've compiled a list of the 5 apps on my phone that I find to be the most useful & ones I think everyone needs!

1. dropbox - For me, dropbox is the ultimate way to share files between my phone and computer. Whether it's transferring pictures for my blog, sending assignments for school between devices or downloading free content provided by websites, dropbox is the way to go! Not only is the app easy to use, it can be accessed on multiple devices, and makes organizing your files a breeze!
2. one receipt - This app is crucial for anyone who is an avid shopper! One receipt stores a digital file of your receipts and organizes them based on the retailer and date of purchase. Never worry about losing your flimsy paper receipts again! All you have to do is upload a picture of your receipt, and voila!
3. accuweather - I know there are probably a handful of solid weather apps out there, but this one has been my favorite so far! With in-depth reporting on precipitation levels, humidity, temperature and cloud coverage, accuweather offers a ton of bang for your buck. And best part? It's a free app! I just can't get myself to spend money on an app that is used for weather! However, when you live in an unpredictable climate like I do (I'm looking at you, Midwest), having a reliable weather source is crucial!
4. yummly - All of my foodies out there, rejoice! Here's an app that was made to satisfy the hearts (and mouths) of all of us! Yummly is a fantastic app where you can search and share recipes based on specific ingredients, type of meals, or browse ideas that are popular for the season. Even further, this app has a built in shopping list feature where you can create your own grocery list or save ingredients to your list directly from the recipes you browse. The food photography on the app is incredible and the overall design makes it super easy to use!
5. pocket - Last but certainly not least is another app that fills the gap between technological devices. Pocket is one of my absolute must have apps for saving content on the internet that I would like to revisit. When you download the app (either on your phone, computer, iPad or all of the above), the app will install a button in your internet browser, similar to the pinterest "pin it" feature. When your browsing the internet and come across a webpage, article or other content you want to revisit, simply hit your pocket button and it will save the webpage in your own, personal pocket folder. I've used this app countless times for recipes, funny buzzfeed articles, inspiring videos and other sources of content that have made an impression on me. Again, easy to use and will save your bookmark bar from bursting at the seams!

I'm always on the hunt for great new apps to simplify my life! Any suggestions for me?!

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