polished in pastels: the colors I'm loving at the moment

June 05, 2015

Truth be told, my nails never really look that great. I am a chronic nail picker and my cuticles could use a heavy duty overhaul, but that doesn't stop me from attempting to make my nails look presentable. When it comes to painting them, I am a no-fuss kind of girl. I want a polish that is easy to use and will hide most of my mistakes. Calling all pastel nail polishes!! I love pastels because they are flattering on my pale skin, they appear to elongate my fingers and are super easy to use because unlike obnoxiously bright colors, making a mistake with a pastel is not that hard to correct! Here are my favorite shades at the moment...

    • Essie's Lilacism- A soft, buttery lilac purple with a cool undertone
    • Essie's Borrowed & Blue- The perfect baby blue shade for summer, especially if you're looking for a bright and cheery manicure!
    • Butter London's Teddy Girl- Your Quintessential pale pink, this shade is a classic that will pair perfectly with any occasion.
    • Deborah Lippman's Naked- The perfect pale nude that won't wash your skin tone out but also won't make your nails look orange (*crinkles face in disgust*)
    • Essie's Cute As A Button- For those of you who still want your pastels to pack a punch, this creamsicle-pink is just the ticket!

What are you sporting on your nails these days?!

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