scents to-go for the summer

June 13, 2015

I'm usually not one to stray from my signature scent (Chanel Chance, I'm lookin' at you), but when the hot & humid summer days strike, I find that keeping a rollerball with me wherever I go is an absolute must! I mean come on, I'm practically sweating my face off over here, so I'd rather not be worried about how fresh I smell. Here are my top three fragrances to-go! Definitely comment below and let me know what summer scents you love!

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! - Described as being "vibrant, flirtatious and lighthearted", this scent will become your summer sidekick for day dates with that special someone or brunch out with the girls! Notes include raspberry, vanilla, peony, pear and cyclaman. Oh, Lola indeed! This fragrance is the perfect everyday scent to take you through the hot summer days!

Gucci Guilty - For those who seek to be "daring, rich and sexy" this summer, here's the fragrance you need now! Gucci guilty has been a long favorite of mine for it's depth and provocative musk! For that spontaneous trip to Miami with your best gals or a night out on the town into the wee summer hours, this scent will command any attention! Notes include mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber and patchouli.

Harajuku Lovers G - Finally, for my gals who love soaking up the sun and aim to be the quintessential beach babe, Harajuku Lovers G is the summer scent you've been craving! When I think of summer, THIS is exactly what comes to mind! A fresh, beach, sweet scent that will have you feeling like you've booked a trip to Bali with coconut cocktails in hand! Notes include Mandarin, coconut, apple, sandalwood and cotton! Pack your bags, because this scent is ready to travel with you wherever you jet off to this summer! 

What scents are you loving for the summer?

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