University preparedness: my style guide

August 03, 2015

It's officially August, which means it's only a matter of time before I (and many others) will be heading back to campus for University. As I leap into my junior year, I feel more confident in expressing my style on a day-to-day basis. It's easy to get caught up in the college grunge uniform (aka sweatpants, workout tanks and tennis shoes), however I am a firm believer in the "dress well, test well" attitude. Plus, in a place as overwhelming as college, it's nice to feel true to yourself in style. Here are my must-haves for this upcoming season!

First and foremost, I am SO digging the duster coat trend. I go to school in the midwest where one day it can be scorching hot and 24 hours later, it will be cold and rainy. *face palm*. The duster coat is a fabulous item because it serves the purpose as a lightweight throw-on piece for unpredictable weather, that still pays homage to a put together look. Total win in my book! Here's a coat that I have my eye on! Next up is a cute, novel addition to your keychain, because who doesn't want their car keys to have as much sass as they do?! This little guy from fossil is adorable because he's a beautiful leather tassel with a fun monster face! Looks like someone already has their exam day grimace down! Plus, in college you take your keys with you everywhere, so they automatically become an accessory to your look!

As far as dressing comfortably without sacrificing style, I love a unique oversized sweater paired with seamed leggings. By having a piece that is oversized, yet architecturally interesting, you are creating dimension and structure without compromising on comfort. Seamed leggings add to this idea by accentuating your curves instead of just disguising them like regular leggings. Here's a helpful hint: if you're super petite like I am, consider hemming your leggings for the most flattering fit! 

Finally, let's talk accessories! First up are shoes. As previously stated, I'm pretty vertically challenged, so I like to work a heel into my everyday wardrobe! That being said, in college you walk A LOT, so you want to make sure if you are opting for height, you are doing so in a comfortable way! I love these heeled booties because the chunky, substantial heel makes walking a breeze! Plus, a simple black bootie will go with absolutely everything! Another problem I come across frequently is being sensitive to the sun! My eyes seem to always be in need of a good pair of shades, so these bad boys are right up my ally! I love the laid back vibe of the club master frames, that way cool and casual are still the main focus of my outfit. And last but certainly not least is an item for the days when a backpack just simply won't cut it in the style aisle. I love a good bucket bag because they are made for chucking in the necessities and being on your way. This style is wonderful because it's large enough to fit classroom essentials (i.e. pencil, planner, tablet) but won't overwhelm your look! Total win!

I think that covers my back to school wish list! What are you lusting over for the start of the semester?

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