A Miracle in a Bottle?

November 04, 2015

I know, I know. The word "miracle" is about as gimicky as it gets. But don't discredit this post just yet! The past few months, I've been in a bit of a beauty slump. To say I've struggled to find a foundation worth keeping is an understatement. It seems that every product I try fails me in either shade, formula, coverage or longevity. I had almost given up my search when a friend of mine who works for sephora suggested I try CoverFX. She informed me that for those with uber sensitive skin, prone to aggravation and reaction from products (uhhh HI, that's me!), CoverFX is wonderful because of the brand's focus on natural ingredients that are meant to help heal the skin. Ok, I know what you're thinking...that sounds gimicky too. My thoughts exactly-until I tried what might just be the best "foundation" I've ever used.

With all of the buzz surrounding the custom cover drops, I decided I would dip my toe in the CoverFX pool by trying that product first. As I'm sure most of you have heard, these drops are pure pigment, meant to be mixed with moisturizer, primer or other foundation products to customize your perfect coverage level. After experimenting a little between products, I actually found that my preferred method of application is to apply my moisturizer (ponds dry skin cream) and follow up with 4 dots of the drops (1 on my forehead, 1 on my chin and 1 on each cheek). Believe me when I tell you that I use hardly any product at all, however as soon as I blend the product out, magic happens. The coverage I receive is full and flawless! best of all, it lasts all day and has yet to irritate my skin in any way. It may be a stretch to call any product a miracle, however this is as close as I have found!

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