Pretty Little Things: Dresser Addition

May 22, 2015

One of my favorite spots in my bedroom is the top of my french dresser. I know, I know, it's bordering on too much, but I can't help myself! I love elegant little decor pieces that pay homage to vintage inspirations. I thought in this post, I would give you all a glimpse at some of my favorite pieces atop my dresser. (Psst: if you love those mercury glass jars as much as I do, check them out here!)

I am in love with vintage-style perfume bottles, so when I found these lovelies at anthropologie, I knew they would find a perfect home atop my mercury glass tray from pottery barn. I also keep this small porcelain bowl from anthropologie, filled with perfume samples I collect from my Sephora orders. It serves as a great way for me to try new scents!

I love how jewelry can serve as both wearable decor and room decor. When I decided to display some of my most worn bracelets on this bracelet bar, I never knew just how much of an impact it would make on my space. I love the varying textures and colors and how the unique elements of each piece bring a little character to this corner!

One of my favorite little additions to my dresser is this owl cake plate from anthropologie, complete with a little glass owl figurine and a "one word a day" novelty book. I included a few of my favorite deborah lippman nail polishes because I think their bottle design is too pretty to just be sitting in a drawer!

The final overview of my dresser displays a carved wooden box from anthropologie that houses my stud earrings and dainty rings. I love the rustic design of this box and I think it offsets my mercury glass pieces very nicely! Atop the box I keep a large ceramic bowl (you guessed it-from anthropologie) that serves as my "catch all" space. Currently it is housing extra bobby pins and a few spring polishes that I have been sporting lately! To the right you can see my collection of perfumes that are perched on a vintage tea tray. I don't keep many perfumes around, but this one is my signature scent! And finally, in back you can see a small pyramid of artistic tins! I love this little corner because it displays a variety of colorful, unique additions that liven up my space. These tins are from fossil and came free with watches I have purchased in the past! (Would you be interested in a watch collection post?)

Well, that does it for me! How do you add personality to your space and what are the must have accessories atop your dresser?

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