Getting Back Into the Swing of Spring Semester

February 12, 2016

First and foremost, allow me to apologize for my theoretical online absence. I sit here, a little taken aback, that I'm apologizing for not being glued to my computer, but as a self-proclaimed "content creator", i take my dedication to this blog very seriously. You see, I've been swept up and carried away by second semester of my junior year of college. My classes are intense. The assignments seem endless. And I continuously wonder, "where am I going from here?"

The thing is, I've been blessed with a quality that is also a daunting curse. I am inspired by so many things around me. I crave learning new anecdotes of information. I have a knack for different fields and topics of information. So where could I be going wrong? As an *almost* senior in college, it's an overwhelming feeling to be unsure of my place in the world. Where will I be in five years? Ten? Will I have a masters degree or doctorate? Will I be working in my blossoming and bustling hometown or will opportunity have relocated me? Will I be working within the policy and administration sector or teaching? (Two areas I am very interested in). My point here is that as I get back into the swing of school, I never want my blog to feel neglected. My readers-no my online peers-are very important to me. Not because you click on my posts or leave a comment (although, I absolutely love hearing from you all!), but because we share an understanding that sometimes, we all need a superficial escape from the complexities of the real world. I may not have it all figured out, but as I find my way, I'll be turning to this little blog for motivation and reassurance. May the posts commence!

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